How We Got Here

“Nomisma Healthcare” is a Research & Development organization, established in the year 2018, located at BIDC, Gorwa, Vadodara in Gujarat state, India, for developing of a wide range of Biodegradable Pharmaceutical and Medical Polymers like Poly Glycolic Acid, Poly Lactic Acid, Poly Lactic Co Glycolic acid, etc. 


Our Objectives

“Nomisma Healthcare is a micro and medium scale Research center, established with an objective of Innovative process development, process optimization and product manufacturing activity to produce and deliver various Biodegradable Pharmaceutical polymers and conducting polymers, to support the various organizations across the globe providing the cost-effective and quality products.


Our Activities:

Various biodegradable polymers like Poly Glycolic Acid, Poly Lactic Acid, Poly Lactic Co Glycolic acid, Poly-aniline, etc. with different molecular weights and its different composition related Products are the key areas. 


The developed and optimized process for Poly Glycolic Acid, Poly Lactic Acid, Poly Lactic Co Glycolic acid, etc. at Nomisma Healthcare is a greener process, which does not use any solvents, any toxic metals, are the important and remarkable futures in addition with shortened reaction time, user-friendly & environment-friendly process, giving higher quality standard product when compared with literature reported processes.

Our Innovative initiatives:

Based on acquired knowledge by skills professionals, at Nomisma Healthcare, the processes developed are innovative i.e. free of metal alkanoates especially Tin Octanoate which is Genotoxic as per ICH guidelines and van be referred as Green chemistry process and highly useful in medicinal aspects for human beings in the devices like Biodegradable Orthopaedic implants, Advanced drug delivery system using process developed by Nomisma Health care which has approximately 60% lower cost in actual when compared with other resources of the present market. This overall makes universally beneficial to the human being across the globe.


Dedicated to Life

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